Affordable, less painful and first of its kind.

Helps distribute weight

With enough cushion, you will be able to use the heel and distribute some weight from fore feet. Reduces pain.

Built strong

Strong stainless steel heel and spring for stability and high performance. Lasts long.

feel the difference

Reduces the pressure on feet which otherwise gets built up over a long period of wearing high heels.

customized to weight

Our future model will have an option to choose a spring that matches your weight to get maximum benefit.

get the best deal.

We will be launching soon on Kickstarter to crowdfund and bring our awesome product to life. Utilize this opportunity to get a great deal.


Super early bird

  • 1 Pair
  • $70 Savings
  • 35% Off Retail
  • Limited Quantity


kickstarter special

  • 5 Pairs
  • $500 Savings
  • 50% Off Retail
  • Limited Quantity


Early bird

  • 1 Pair
  • $50 Savings
  • 25% Off Retail
  • Limited Quantity

Frequently asked questions

These are prototypes. For the final product, you can select to either show it or hide it based on your taste.

No. The spring is soft but not too soft. It is designed to compress only limited amount when our weight is applied.

We will run a vote to identify the popular colors to offer. 

ETA of May 2020 for US customers. For international, this could extend due to longer shipping and custom clearance. 


This feels great. Now I can use my heels. Usually I cant since they are so high and my fore feet is doing all the work
Aly M
User, Atlanta
Not at all how I thought they would be. They are not bouncy. Feels strong. Its like the spring slowly cushions without compromising the safety. Awesome!
Kim B
User Atlanta
These feel better than my smaller pumps. Feels soft and comfortable
Susan p
User, Atlanta
This is like magic. Cant wait to have one and go clubbing all night. I bet I dont have to carry my heels in my hands afterwards.
Oshana L
User, Atlanta


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